Tracey Magnuson, Akin Road Elementary Principal Tracey Magnuson joined Akin Road Elementary School as Principal in 2020. 

     Prior to becoming the Akin Road Elementary Principal, Ms. Magnuson worked in education for 26 years. She served as an elementary principal with the United South Central Schools and prior to becoming a principal she was a dean of students with Prior Lake Savage Area Schools. She has been a classroom teacher, mostly in 1st and 4th grade, and at various times an English as a Second Language teacher and a literacy coach. 
     She is a sports fan and a Minnesota native. She lives in Lakeville with her husband and has two grown sons who live nearby. Like many Minnesotans, she enjoys weekends at the cabin, watching sports, reading, and spending time outdoors. 
    Upon joining the AREA community, Ms. Magnuson wrote in a letter to staff: “I believe relationships are the key to success. ‘Every Child - Every Day’ is a motto I live by. I am excited to work with you to strengthen connections and create a positive, supportive culture through meaningful collaboration. I believe all children are brilliant. I am excited to work with you to discover the magic in each child and strive to meet each student's unique needs. I believe in continuous learning and growth. I am ready to learn with you and from you.”

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