Media Policies & Schedules

Book Check Out

Kindergarten- Second Grade students may check out one book every 4-day cycle. Maximum check out: one book

Third-Fifth Grade students may check out two books every
4-day cycle; books are due every other cycle according to the schedule. Maximum check out: two books

Students may renew books on their due date.

eBooks - eBooks can be downloaded to your device and will be automatically returned seven days after the check out date.  If you have not finished reading it, you may check it out again. 

Lost or Damaged Books

If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair it will have to be paid for to be replaced. Please contact Mrs. Roach with any questions:  651-460-1776 or [email protected]

K-5 Grading

Trimester 1 & 2 
: Students K-5 are graded based class participation and level of responsibility: Work hard in class, Respect yourself, peers and teachers, Belong to the group by following the directions and doing your best in class. 

Trimester 3: 
Students in Kindergarten-2nd grade will receive a participation grade, same as trimester one and two. Students in grades 3-5 will receive a participation grade and a grade based on a rubric (1-4) for their level of proficiency and knowledge in mastering the Minnesota Information Technology Literacy standards.